Bulk Powder Transport

N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd is proud to present a modern fleet of bulk powder tankers that are ready to transport your goods across the UK and Europe with ease.

Each bulk powder tanker is equipped with the latest safety features and on board weighing systems .Tankers are pressurised by either on board power packs, or power packs fitted to the vehicles.

N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd are pleased to offer their customers specialised belly tankers manufactured by Feldbinder for use in the UK. These tankers have specialised hydraulic steering mechanisms which enables powder products to be delivered to sites with restricted access.

The advantages to customers is this tanker can load to a GVW of 44 tonnes which is a greater weight that can be transported than a rigid tanker.

N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd can also offer to their customers a full silo evacuation service. In 2014 two vacuum tankers have been purchased allowing N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd to evacuate contaminated, damaged or maintenace required silos and return products to customers.

Bulk Powder Transport up to 49,000 Litres

The transportation of bulk powder is undertaken on either a contract basis or on the spot hire, providing greater flexibility to today’s demanding industry.

Bulk Powder Quote

If you are interested in our bulk powder transport then please use one of the two options below:

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Bulk Powder Tanker Specifications

GVW: 44 tonnes
Capacity: Upto 49,000 litres
Type: Belly tanks and tipping tanks