Flatbed Transport

Flatbed trucks are ideal for transporting larger items that need to be offloaded by cranes or are difficult to move in a conventional vehicle.

Flatbed transportation is now a specialised service but with N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd you are in safe hands, providing flatbed trucks that are both well maintained and ready for your requirements.

Operating our Flatbed Truck Safely

We believe that it’s important that you know as a customer how to load and offload flatbed vehicles in the safest possible way, and this is why N.S. Clarke Transport Ltd provides advice when providing all flatbeds.

This will cover safety aspects which include securing your load, wide load notification and safety requirements on arrival at the delivery site.

Flatbed Quote

If you are interested in out flatbed transport then please use one of the two options below:

Recieve a Flatbed QuotePhone NS Clarke Transport for a Flatbed Quote

Flatbed Specifications

Size: 18ft – 40ft
Tonnage: 7.5t-44t (GVW)